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Help Drive S.W. Virginia Forward

First and foremost, I'm a dad who wants the best for his children.  I want my children and all of our children to have the same advantages in life that my brother and I had as we were growing up in Roanoke. I want them to have quality medical care, good schools, and safe neighborhoods. I want them to know that like their father, upon graduation from college they’ll be able to return to their hometown and that there will be plenty of opportunities awaiting them. It is what I want for all of our children.

I’m thankful for the many blessings in my life but my faith teaches me that being thankful isn’t enough – I must also be a man of action. Through prayer and introspection, I have determined that what I want most is to become the voice for those who feel that they’re no longer being heard in Richmond. With my innovative approach, business experience, and eagerness to serve, I know that I’m the right voice for Virginia’s 19th District and I’m asking for your support, your prayers, and your vote.  When you send me to Richmond, I can guarantee you that your concerns will be heard and that your interests will be served.


My Promise To You

For years I have felt that there is a void within the political arena because the voice of the people is overshadowed by political agendas. I think the time is right to spearhead change - to provide meaningful solutions to the problems we face rather than just posing questions that go unanswered. I am highly concerned about the rise of partisanship in Richmond. Partisan politics is not the most effective way to govern; Virginia needs to return to limited but effective government. I have a desire to make a difference in our community and with my fresh perspective, business expertise, and drive for serving others I know that I can invoke change that will speak to the heart of the people. It’s time to put strong actions behind the ideology, and I know that I am just the person to do that. I look forward to bringing this message to you and to learn more about the issues that cause you concern. I’m asking for your support and in return, I will provide you with the best representation that the 19th District has ever known – and that’s a promise.

The Latest

Hamlar Receives Drum Major for Justice Award

February 7, 2015News Clip

Hamlar Receives Drum Major for Justice Award

SCLC honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and community leaders in Roanoke 

On Friday, the Roanoke Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference held it's annual banquet in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Wornie Reed, Ph.D. , Director of the Race and Social Policy Research Center at Virginia Tech University spoke at the event.

State and local leaders were in attendance as people in the community were recognized for their service. 

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Virginia is Preparing for Ebola

October 28, 2014Press ReleaseSecure Commonwealth Panel Update

Virginia is preparing for Ebola

The Secure Commonwealth Panel is tasked with evaluating the Public Health and Safety and Homeland Security of the Commonwealth. As a member of this Governor-appointed committee, I feel confident that the panel is placing its focus on the things that are important to our citizens, such as the Ebola virus. 

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Virginia State Senate Candidate Mike Hamlar calls for transparency, accountability and the formation of an ethics policy from the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission.

September 28, 2014Press Release

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
For Immediate Release

Contact Name:  Michael Hamlar
Number:  1-800-682-1950 ext. 101

Date: September 25, 2014

Time: Not Applicable

Location: Not Applicable

Purpose: We are deeply troubled by recent news reports about the Virginia Tobacco Commission and are seeking reforms that bring more transparency and integrity. 

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Hamlar appointed by the Governor to the Secure Commonwealth Panel

July 11, 2014Press Release

Commonwealth of Virginia

Office of Governor Terry McAuliffe


For Immediate Release

July 11, 2014


Contact: Rachel Thomas



Governor McAuliffe Announces Administration Appointments


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The Builders Club - Breckinridge Middle School

May 31, 2014News Clip

Builders Club, with more than 46,000 adolescent members, provides students with opportunities to develop leadership, improve self-esteem, increase civic engagement and learn life skills through service. As students maneuver this “in-between stage” of life, Builders Club empowers them to be themselves, work together with friends and implement plans through action. Through Builders Club, students become leaders at school, in their community and in the world.

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